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Fucking Young!

Photography: Valentina Vos
Styling: Ogènda
Grooming:  Carlos Saidel
Model: Keven @ de Boekers

Free Work

Photography:  Martijn Senders
Styling:   Ogènda
Hair:  Maikel Piqué
Make-up:  Alexandra Borcila

MB! by Mercedes-Benz

Photography:  Valentina Vos
Styling:  Ogènda
Hair and Make-up:  Maaike Beijer
Model:  Manouk @ Elvis
Styling Ass.:  Juan Carlos Almonte

Special thanks to: Land


100th year anniversary Zuiderbad, Amsterdam

Camera: Maarten Kal & Dim Balsem
Styling: Ogènda 

Initiator: Sjaiesta Badloe

Nylon Mexico

Photography:  Valentina Vos
Styling: Ogènda
Hair and Make-up:  Anita Jolles
Model:  Frederike @ Code

Thanks to Juan Carlos

Vice Blog

Photography:  Valentina Vos
Styling: Ogènda
Hair and Make-up:  Alexandra Borcila
Model:  Roos @ Fresh
Ass. Styling: Betsie Kohlen 

(Source: Vice Magazine)

Lovely miss E!


Lovely miss E!